We had a wonderful 20th anniversary celebration
in November and look forward to 2017.

We thank our customers for their donations and for
their support of our shop through their purchases.

We look forward to your 2017 comments

February 11 
One customer said, "You never know what you'll find here, and I always find something.

Another said, "After thrift store shopping you never want to go back to buying clothes in the stores.  You always have such nice things.

March 4
I always find something here, I find a Fabulous Finds

Everything looks so nice, I like to come here 

Fabulous Finds had free days at the end of March to give away our fall fashions in order to prepare for spring.  We had so many positive comments and we heard the word blessing over and over. This is why we are in business, to be a blessing to the community. 

It is with much sadness that after 20 years of serving you, our customers, and supporting First United Methodist Church, we are announcing that we will close Fabulous Finds August 31, 2017. More details will follow.

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